About Us

At KwikSales.com we have two objectives; our first is to deliver bargains and savings to our customers. The second is to provide an outlet for retailers to turn stock into cash, and to do it quickly.

If you’re a customer visiting KwikSales.com for the first time you’ll notice our model is very simple. You’ll see plenty of bargains, each with a quantity next to it. This is how many units of this product we have in stock. As they sell you’ll see this number go down. You’ll also see a number of hours and days alongside each item for sale. This tells you how long you’ve got before this sale ends, a bit like ebay. If you see an item that interests you just remember stock is always limited as is the time, so if you like it then we recommend you buy it quickly. Many items on KwikSales.com sell out in minutes. Just remember when that items gone, its gone.

If you’re a retailer looking to turn your stock into cash the process is equally as simple. Just drop us an e mail with photos, and description of the goods you want to sell, tell us how many you’ve got and how quickly you want to sell them. We will vet the product, ensure it meets the KwikSales.com standards, and come back to you with a deal. As soon as the product sells we’ll transfer the cash to you. It’s that simple. E mail us at Pete@kwiksales.com

We hope you love our offers, the savings are huge, and sometimes can be simply outrageous. Each sale is as it says on the tin; is ‘kwik’ so if you see something you like then our advice is to move ‘kwik’ – when it’s gone, it’s gone.